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Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding Dress Preservation, Wedding Dress Cleaning & Care

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You will no doubt have put a great deal of time and thought into choosing your perfect wedding gown for that very special occasion, we are here to help with wedding dress preservation to keep your wedding dress in it’s original condition for years to come.

You may wish your dress to be a family heirloom for a future Daughter to wear and enjoy, or maybe just keep it for sentimental reasons. We will make sure it remains safe and resplendent whatever your plans for it are.

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If the wedding dress of your dreams is already a family heirloom, which time has yellowed and stained, don’t worry! Whatever it’s age or condition we have the experience in wedding dress cleaning to return it to it’s natural beauty. You can walk proudly down the aisle in your Mother’s or even Grandmother’s wedding dress.

After the wedding, many bridal gowns are unfortunately left in their plastic covers with every intention of having it cleaned and preserved, however it often gets put in the wardrobe or in the loft. This can cause heartbreaking damage such as Oxidation of stains and/or plastic fuming, which can cause discolouration of the material.

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Cleaning and preserving your wedding dress as soon as possible, will ensure it stays in the best possible condition. Ideally your dress should be cleaned within days, at the latest weeks after the wedding ceremony.

Our Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Process includes

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  • Hand Cleaning, to give special care to delicate decorations such as beads; sequins; lace; embroidery; etc.

  • Anti-sugar Stain Treatment. Sugar, salt, & acid stains often dry clear and you don’t even know they are there. Ordinary Dry Cleaning will not remove them, and they can turn an ugly brown over time. Our treatment removes most stains – seen or unseen.

  • Standard presentation; your gown is returned in an acid free clear bridal gown cover, packed with acid free tissue to preserve it’s shape.

  • Luxury presentation; your gown is returned in a beautiful presentation box, wrapped in layers of acid free tissue, and carefully folded to ensure it’s beauty and prevent creasing.

Come to the Experts for Wedding Dress Preservation and cleaning

We can preserve all your memories for years to come.
Remember we clean garments or the whole wedding party, Bridesmaids, grooms, flower girls, page boys.

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