We offer a totally complete professional Laundry Service.

Not just a launderette where you sit and watch your clothes go round, then have to take them out and repeat the process with the dryer, which has usually just had someone else’s clothes in?

We use professional equipment designed for Industry not modified domestic washers and dryers.  At Carlton Cleaners we do all the work.  We add anti-bacterial agents into the process.  We make sure all items are thoroughly clean.

We then ensure the items are dried correctly, at the right temperatures for the materials being laundered.

After which we return your items neatly folded or on hangers if you prefer.  If you want us to, we will iron them as well (see below).

Just ask us about our services.


Are you out at work all day?… Do you not have time to do the ironing ?.. or do you just hate doing it, and would prefer to have someone do it for you?

Then bring all your ironing to Carlton Cleaners to handle the job for you, we have the equipment, and the dedicated staff.

One shirt or one hundred, we will use either professional shirt finishing equipment, or hand-finish them returning them to you either on hangers, or folded and bagged.

Bed linen and table linen are carefully hand finished or worked through our professional steam roller, returned to you folded and in a polythene bag.

Whatever it is, we will remove the boredom from ironing.