Carlton Cleaners have been involved in the cleaning of Suede, Leather and Fur garments for over 15 years, cleaning all manner of garments from jackets to sportswear.

The cleaning of Hides is a very specialised sector of the dry-cleaning market, and our highly experienced team are more than capable of producing outstanding results in the art of refinishing these products, to restoring the garments to make them look as good as new.

The process starts at the counter, where your garment is carefully examined for stains, wear, weaknesses, and whether it can be cleaned satisfactorily. The actual cleaning process varies with each garment.  This is where experience tells.  Very gentle processes are used to remove soiling and stains.  Cleaning removes the natural oils, so the next stage is to replenish those oils.  This does several things, it revives the colour, softens the garment again, and finally extends the lifespan of the garment.

Stain removal on Suede particularly can be a difficult task, and cannot be guaranteed, as all suede and leather is dyed at manufacture.  Colour loss is something that can occur when unsatisfactory dyes have been used, this is something that cannot be predicted.  All hides are stretched in the tanning process, and relaxation can happen in cleaning.  This is not normally noticeable, and can usually be rectified.

Ask for our advice, we are here to help.