Removing stains takes a wealth of knowledge of materials and chemicals, plus a great deal of skill, combined with a lot of experience.

Different stains have different chemical consistencies and require the application and manipulation of a variety of chemicals, which then have to be washed away using fluids under pressure, taking the stain with it. Sounds simple and basic, however different materials react with chemicals in totally different ways.  The wrong combination of material with chemical cleansing fluid, can either damage the material, or leave the stain and take the colour out of the garment.

Cleaning a garment without removing the stain can set that stain permanently into the garment making it impossible to remove the next time it is cleaned.

We pride ourselves that we have the knowledge, the experience, and the right equipment, down to the very latest ultrasonic devices to be able to remove the vast majority of stains, returning your garments to you in almost a new condition.

This is what you would expect from your Dry Cleaner, but not all of our competitors have the experience.  A lot do not have the knowledge and a great many do not have the right equipment.

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