Carlton Cleaners commenced trading in 1994.  Over the years we have developed a wealth of experience in the Dry Cleaning Industry and are members of several recognized trade associations.

Our aims of our service are to provide a Professional Quality Dry Cleaners with utmost care and courtesy to our customers.

Since opening we have invested heavily in the latest dry cleaning and finishing equipment that complies completely with both existing and known future environmental protection laws.

Throughout the intervening years the business has grown, firstly by adding Laundry and Ironing services to our portfolio, then adding our ground-breaking Curtain Care services, followed by our Wedding Dress Cleaning services, and lately our Flood and Fire Restoration service and Linen Hire Service, now divisions in their own right, serving both the private and public sectors.

We care about the environment.  The environment for the public at large, and the environment for our staff. We have undergone extensive and expensive tests to ensure that we exceed European Union standards on electrical safety, noise levels, workforce health and safety, and to ensure that we comply fully with the E.U’s Solvent Emissions Directive.  A costly exercise, YES, but a benefit to ensure our children’s future, and something that we are very proud about.