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Dry Cleaning

Specialist Dry Cleaning Manchester

This is our core business. However we are not just another Dry Cleaners. We take a great deal of pride in the quality of our work, as we know just how special the garment can be to our customer.


We endeavour to renovate and return the garments entrusted to us in the condition that the customer remembers them as they were first purchased. “Customers” and “Trust” are important words to us, as without either one of them we would not have been able to exist for as long as we have.

Whether it is a special suit that cost between £300 or £3000, or a pair of trousers costing £50/£100, Or that outfit of untold value, maybe even your Wedding Dress.

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Each garment can be impossible to replace. We treat each and every garment with the same care that it’s owner would treat it, or expect it to be treated, we inspect each garment and dry clean it in the best way for that particular material.

To this end we have invested heavily in the most up to date equipment that is available to us, that will be of benefit to you. We are always watching for, and evaluating new ideas that in turn can help us to improve our service to you.Our dry cleaning services, based in Manchester are available nationwide.


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